Health begins with conscious body care.

How does your day-to-day life look like? The answer to this question is certainly different for each person. What we all have in common is that our everyday life is getting faster and faster. Every day we are exposed to a wide range of sensations, from visual stimulations to various environmental influences that keep our skin busy. On top of that, we have a lot of professional and private obligations. It helps to filter out these impacts so that they don't overwhelm us. To a large extent, we can decide for ourselves what we allow to affect us. It feels really good to say "no", to take time for yourself and not to get ready quickly, but to consciously care for your body. Touching your face gently, breathing deeply and looking at yourself in the mirror, being gentle and generous with yourself.
And as for the skin: we can strengthen it with the right care products and support its function. For naturally beautiful and well-cared for skin.

Nature as a role model

What makes our products so unique in their composition? The plants are specially selected because of their skin-active ingredients to strengthen the skin, support the skin's own moisture retention system and at the same time provide new moisture, soothe irritation and let the skin shine in its natural beauty.

In addition, we can learn a lot from the plants. They serve as a model for us to grow where they have roots. When we transfer this to humans, we are not talking about a static place, but about our body. This is the only place where we have to be or, to put it more kindly, where we are allowed to be. Plants have their own mechanisms to deal with stress and environmental influences, they cannot escape an unpleasant situation. They live in the certainty that a storm is passing by and only makes the roots grow stronger. In this cheerful confidence they thrive and do not tire of blooming after blooming. Isn't it a joy to imagine the connection between body and mind according to this model and to openly encounter lifelong learning and growth?

Each plant has its own personality and a special composition of ingredients that gives it a special character. We can learn something different from each one. Following this model, each product also has its own character, which is embodied by the plants it contains.


Getting STRENGTH from nature,


move with GRACE,

maintain INTEGRITY,



A word about design: the meaning of colours

The large white area: The design is calm and simple, it stands for itself. The products don't bring a rush into your bathroom. The white surface offers space to breathe with the intention of being a friendly reminder to take time for yourself. Enjoy the moment of use, and let nature come to you.

FACE. Yellow like the sun. How beautiful is it to look into smiling faces? A bright child's laugh or an old couple looking at each other in love. In faces we see feelings, can spread warmth with glances and can also make others shine.

HANDS. Red for the hands. With them we can design, engage and reach for things with zeal. Passionately playing the piano, cooking and applauding with enthusiasm. But also being gentle, touching and caressing and expressing our affection in a warm embrace.

BODY. Green to green-blueish stands for our body and the centre of the body. That is where the lungs are located, breathing the fresh air of the trees. We walk through meadows and forests, lie down in the grass and bathe in turquoise-green lakes. Green stands for the body as part of nature.


Naturally. Effective. Nourishing. Andrea Dablander - Natural Organic Care is plant-based active ingredient cosmetics that let your skin shine in its natural beauty.

Here you will find high-quality care for

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