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Aromas, oils and extracts

Everything our skin needs for care is found in the plants. Plants in their diversity have individual, unique compositions of ingredients. Our competence lies in the selection of the right plants with skin-active ingredients. Nature holds a wonderful treasure in store for us, from which we gently gain aromas, oils and extracts to create effective products for skin care. Our aim is to process the plants as gently as possible in order to bring the entire spectrum of effects contained in leaf, blossom and fruit directly to the skin.

Aromas and extracts are embedded in rich oils and converted into a safe product of the highest quality.

This is our understanding of body care - for naturally beautiful skin.


RESPONSIBILITY. In our understanding we can make a contribution with every decision that has a positive effect on nature and the community. We see it as our responsibility to take advantage of opportunities - no matter how big or small - to help shape a sustainable future.

QUALITY. Our products are authentic natural cosmetics and Natrue-certified. Ongoing controls confirm the consistently high quality. All products are vegan and without animal testing. That is a matter of course for us.

SUSTAINABLITY. Sustainable acting is one of our basic principles. Not only in the selection of ingredients for our products we do pay attention to a gentle contact with nature, but also in packaging we reduce plastic content to a necessary minimum and are constantly looking for environment-friendly alternatives.